The Final Three in Barbados

Shayne, Amanda, and Chelsea take off with Matt to Barbados for fun in the sun and romance on the beach. Shayne has the first date while on the island and the two walk down the beach, jet ski, water trampoline, and make out in the water.  Shayne says multiple times that she is falling in love with Matt; wonder if that’s the truth. The couple seem to open up to each other over dinner and Shayne admits that she plays up the dumb blonde act at times and later tells Matt that she is falling in love with him.  He returns her sentiments but who knows if he will say the same to the others. Shayne gives up her separate room and opts to stay with Matt over night after a bit of hesitation. 


Amanda gets Matt of day two. These two don’t seem to have the same chemistry as Matt and Shayne. The date includes zip lining, a lot or woo hoo-ing, and then dinner on the beach.  The date seems forced as Amanda attempts to open up and Matt seems a bit receptive. (She also used the word ‘like’ about 312 times and it was like so like annoying). Amanda chooses to stay with Matt in the fantasy suite as well even though she was nervous that he wouldn’t offer.


The final date of the trip is with Chelsea who has been hot and cold with Matt throughout the duration of the show.  Matt thought that the date was awkward and that Chelsea was a million miles away.  She didn’t want to hold hands with Matt and put off his attempts at any closeness.  The two seemed to be on two different dates and spent more time with the sea turtles than with each other.  Matt seemed really upset when they got back into port. Dinner starts out just as bad as Chelsea defends her actions throughout the day.  She says that she is drawing away from him because she doesn’t like the other girls being there and she doesn’t want to get hurt. He offers her the fantasy suite invite. She, somewhat surprisingly, excepts the key and stays the night with Matt.  They finally connect and Chelsea seems to be in to him at last as she sheds her tomboyish-ness and puts on a long black (night?) gown.  She made her intentions more than clear. Not sure how this is all going to turn out.


Rose Ceremony– Matt is not looking forward to breaking someone’s heart but he has no choice.  The girls all look anxious and jittery as Matt picks up the first rose.  The rose goes to Shayne who is emotional upon hearing her name.  The last rose goes to Chelsea. 


Amanda is left without a rose and has to go home.  Amanda and Matt have always seemed a bit superficial around each other but I thought that Chelsea had ruined it for herself but she pulled it out.  Amanda is mad and defensive when Matt tries to talk to her after the decision.  He tells her that everything that he has ever said to her is true but he feels more with the other two girls and she takes it really hard.  It must really suck to get dumped on national television… oh well.


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Renegade: The Next Generation

It’s time to meet the family, well families… this has to be awkward for all parents, especially fathers, involved in this prosses.  Daddy’s little girl brings a guy home to meet the family but he’s dating three other daddy’s little girls.  So odd. The first meet-the-folks encounter takes place in LA. Shayne’s parents are divorced so he will meet them separately.  Time for some Lorenzo Lamas! (Let’s hope that Matt can get his name right.) Lorenzo brings up the issue that Matt has feared throughout the whole process; that Shayne wants to be a star and that is why she is on the show.  But the comments seemed to be more of a test for both Matt and Shayne to pull out their real feelings.  Awkward moment number one down; many more to come. Lorenzo and Matt have a heart to heart about Shayne and her emotional issues because of her dad not being around and in the end Matt seemed to win over the Renegade but he still has to meet Shayne’s mother.  Shayne’s mother and sister are crazier than her with bleached blond hair, massive makeup, and leopard skin galore.  After some Yorkshire pudding, home movies, and chill time with mom, Matt seemed to not only like her family but realize how wrong he may have been about Shayne. One fam down, three to go.


The next family up to bat is Chelsea’s family in Durango, Texas.  Matt is still hesitant about Chelsea because he is still not sure how she feels about him. 

Her parents down seem too thrilled with whole idea of the show but try to fake their way through the awkwardness. They are pretty straight forward about asking Matt why he did the show and seemed pleased with Matt’s answers. Chelsea reveals that she never wanted to like Matt because she didn’t want to be let down and was therefore guarded but realizes that she has to put herself out there more. And they share a very long goodbye kiss in the driveway. Two down, two to go.


It’s on to Loveland, Colorado and Noelle’s family.  She warns Matt that her family is very conservative and he needs to be ready for that.  Her dad really doubts the show and Matt’s motives and confronts him about it when they play a game of horseshoes. The family asks where Matt plans to live after Marriage; England or the US. Matt says that he’s flexible and her sisters than take him out and question him about whether he is falling in love yet.  He says that he is and, bizarrely, it’s with more than one person.  Her family tells her to go for it and to let him really get to know her. In the end, Matt talks about how he is considering Noelle for a life partner though they are just now getting to know each other.  Three down, one to go.


Lastly it is time to meet Amanda’s parents, or is it?  In Tallahassee Amanda pulls a truly funny fast one by hiring actors to play two very neurotic parents.  Matt is quite (and rightfully) scared.  The “mom” is drunk and spends the day laughing loudly and hitting on Matt going as far as kissing him on the lips. The “dad” sits stoically and asks over personal questions. Matt tries to keep it cool and deal with the parents until fake mom starts kissing him and pinching Matt’s nipples.  Fake dad blows up and Amanda ends the joke before it goes so far.  I wonder if this joke is going to come back and bite her in the butt. Her real parents seemed a lot more normal and they had a good old fashion home cooked meal and a make out session on the couch. 


Rose Ceremony: Only three girls can continue on in the quest to become the first Matt Grant.  Who will make the cut? Rose number one goes to Shayne, Lorenzo Lamas should be proud.  Amanda’s prank earned her a rose.  And last but certainly not least is … (drum roll) is Chelsea.  Noelle is going home in tears.  She waited too long to get to know Matt.  The final three is set as we get closer to the finale, stay tuned.

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Time for a Cat Fight; Compliments of Marshana and Chelsea


There are six women left from the original 25 and there are no friends to be made this week.  The four that survive will take matt home to meet their parents.  The girls take off to meet Matt in Sun Valley Idaho for a ski vacation.  Marshana is so not all about the snow, she would rather look fabulous in here snow outfit, but Matt doesn’t let her get away with that and attacks her, which is totally what she wanted from the beginning. Chelsea receives the first one on one date and she might have ruined her chances after telling Matt that she hates public displays of affection including handholding; it’s her pet peeve.  That seems a bit odd and I think Matt thought so too. He said that he needs affection and she may not be ready for that although he really likes her and thinks that his parents will too… hmm she may have a chance. Amanda and Marshana have never skied before, and it showed.  There were a lot of spills. Shayne shows off her snow boarding skills and her and Matt connect on the slopes until very rudely interrupted by Robin.  Of course more Robin drama. Noelle gets the second one on one date and the couple goes skating and she finally gets to talk about herself and her life struggles.  The two seemed to connect more than they have in the past.

Back at the house Marshana and Robin are at the center of drama back at the house when Chelsea brings up that Marshana doesn’t want to be there.  Because of Marshana’s screaming and Robin’s comments, the house erupts in chaos. When Matt comes to the house it turns into a she said she said tattle tale fest. The claws seriously come out as the six struggle to be in the final four.  It is time for roses…


Rose Ceremony: First to get a rose is Shayne (knew that was coming), second is Noelle, third is Chelsea, and last but certainly not least is Amanda.  Woo hoo the drama queens are gone. So long Marshana and Robin, we really won’t miss you.

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Busted Lips and Robin Drama

Courtesy of ABC Network

 Why not start off the show with a bag; Holly is given a one on one date right off the bat.  She and hunky Brit bachelor Matt take of to Hollywood for the premier of Maid of Honor starring Patrick Dempsey. The two spent time together at a nearby hotel and talked about Holly writing children’s book but are they too comfortable around each other? He’s not sure that there is any electricity between them. Uh oh! Why not figure it out in the hot tub? Nothing says electricity like a make out session in the hot tub.  Holly got her rose and I guess some electricity as well …  The second one on one date goes to drama girl Shayne as the others girls gear up for a game of rugby.  The group dresses in tiny shorts, rugby shirts, and get ready to get down and dirty in the mud.  As Matt said “guys would pay to see this.” (If he says so) The game gets violent and Marshana goes down with a bloody mouth thanks to super manly Chelsea. She may not have meant to get hurt but it was a great way to get some one on one time. The group heads back to Matt’s house for a party to decide who’s getting the next rose.  The girls are surprised with professional massages.  Kelly got to go first (and with Matt) because she was the captain of the winning rugby team.  She offers Matt a massage and he gladly accepts.

Later Robin talks to Matt alone and he invites her into the hot tub and she gets a kiss. Amanda is worried that Matt thinks that she’s boring so she pulls him aside to talk but they are quickly interrupted b a couple of the other girls.  Poor Amanda she never gets a break.  The second rose of the episode goes to … Robin.  Wow didn’t know that was coming.  

Shayne’s one on one with Matt starts out well enough when he picks her up to go wine tasting.  Matt reiterates his issues with her and her parents being actors and her age.  What?? Her dad is Lorenzo Lamas; that could make thing a lot more interesting.  Matt outright asks Shayne if she is high maintenance, and after some stammering she admits it’s true.  Matt thinks that she “may be one sandwich short of a picnic” and I think that he may be right. Although he quickly forgets while kissing her on a fur rug in front of the fire…so a rose she gets. After the date Matt greets Chelsea with a kiss.  Matt was having some one on one time with Amy and Robin interrupted.  The other girls thought that was wrong and intervened. Cat fight! Robin already has a rose and she is still causing drama. Now he’s back kissing Holly.  Wow; way too much going on this week; so much kissing, so little time. 

 Rose Ceremony – (Holly, Robin, & Shayne already have them) first rose goes to Michele, second to Ashlee, third to Kelly, fourth to Chelsea, fifth to Noelle, sixth to Marshana.  Bye to Erin, Amy, and Kristine. 

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The Bachelor March 24- Please stop the “Music”

Courtesy of ABC  There are now fifteen women and twelve roses. The women compete in a runway fashion show with Matt as judge.  The show was interest (in a special sort of way) and involved Holly moon walking, Marshana doing her best Tyra impression, and Amanda stripping to get attention.  After the runway show, Michelle cornered Matt and began to sing a rather odd song that she wrote for him. The whole happening was too cheesy for words. Shortly thereafter, Ashlee, the singer songwriter, decided that she wanted a kiss and she got it and a rose.  But she rubbed it in everyone’s face, the jumping up and down and taunting brought negative reactions from the other ladies.  

 The contestants are whisked to Vegas and are told to gamble to earn more chips.  The woman with the most chips gets a rose. Kelly wins a date with the most chips, went to have dinner and champagne alone which is just too much for Shayne who has a temper tantrum and confronts Matt about it.  Matt deems Shayne as too much Drama. Things heat up in the Napoleon suite while the girls battle for the next rose. 

 Can Robin seduce Matt with very poor classical piano playing? Maybe. Or maybe not because Chelsea gets a rose in the suite after talking with Matt about who she truly is and what she wants in life. Shayne breaks down and wants to leave because she wants one on one time with Matt. But, Robyn’s got all the moves; she almost tricked Matt into a kiss, and quite a long one, after telling him to imagine they just met in London and weren’t on a reality show. Seeing the newly lip-gloss-less Robin, Marshana,  Not to be outdone, finds Matt and they dance without music together, and she would have gotten a kiss too but Matt butt the other girls watching from above ruined her chances.  

Oh no, more singing, I can’t take in anymore.  This time it was Carri singing in a loud “operatic” voice.  I hope Matt was a scared and startled as I was. Shayne apologizes for her tantrum and a crazy party, involving very bad dancing, ensues.  In pops Chris Harrison and it’s thankfully time for the Rose ceremony.  

 Roses go to:Robin, Holly, Bareness, Amanda, Kelly, Amy, Christine, Marshana, Laura, and the last rose goes to… Shayne, but why I’m not sure.  

Bye bye: Erin, Carri (the Opera singer), and Michelle (the other weird singer).  This episode once again proves that bad singing can not win you a hot Englishman. Okay so maybe no one has tried to prove that, but it’s a good thing to know anyway.

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