Elimination 6: Tears get Shannon Nowhere


The night’s recap of yesterdays tumultuous and somewhat chaotic episode showed the injuries, the arguments, and, oh yeah, the dances.  We learned today that Cristian is okay (he ruptured a tendon) and Def Leopard has a secret love of ballroom.  The judges chose to see Jason and Edyta’s quickstep one more time before elimination time. The first safe couple is Kristi & Mark.


Kenny Mayne and Jerry Rice bring last year’s hit “Dance Center” back to the show and break down each contestant while wearing glitter, eye makeup, and flashy shirts.  Always funny and one of the better time wasters used in this show J Now its time for some Arena Rock; Pour Some Sugar on Me. Gotta love the randomness of the combination of Def Leopard and ballroom. The next safe couple is Mario & Karina.  More Def Leopard with the pros dancing and then time for more eliminations. The last four couples stand nervously to see if there fate lies under a red light. After talking to Cristian about his injured and pending surgery, the first of the four couples given the relief of safety is Cristian & Cheryl; gotta love that pity vote. The first couple in the bottom two is Marissa & Tony. Jason & Edyta are safe putting Shannon & Derek in the bottom two.  With little buildup Shannon and Derek are sent packing.  I guess yelling about toe leads, hip action, and unfair judging gets you nowhere. Haha


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Elimination 5: No more Marlee


The judges chose to start the show off by seeing a second performance of last nights confusing and chaotic group dance; it was no better the second time around.  Ashlee Simpson, sporting a tackily large engagement ring, is today’s special guest and sings (at least she didn’t fake it this time) as pros perform in very Timberlake-like outfits; kinda boring really. Time first results; the first safe couple of the night is Shannon & Derek and the first couple in the bottom two is Marlee & Fabian. Well at least Shannon can stop crying, the pity vote always wins big, right Marie?

Oh how the world needs more river dance, it is always cool to watch.  I don’t understand how their upper bodies never move while their feet are going at 100+ miles per hour; that is truly one of life’s great mysteries… sort of. The kids that are competing this week are thirteen and have therefore outgrown their cuteness, so I am not really that interested but they were both really good and the judges had a hard choice to make but I think they made the right one when the chose Brandon and Brittany. 

Time to get down to business; the next safe couples are Marissa & Tony and Cristian & Cheryl.  The final three couple learn their fates one at a time.  Kristi & Mark are safe and so are Jason & Edyta.  The bottom two couple are Mario & Karina Marlee & Fabian.  After a build up it is announced that Marlee and Fabian are going home.  She did a phenomenal job and really worked through all of her challenges with grace and class.  She will be missed.

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Elimination 4: Priscilla on Her Way to the Heartbreak Hotel


After the usual recap the judges ask to see Kristi and Marks nearly flawless rumba from last night and it was even better the second time around.  After the dance Marlee and Shannon are interviewed backstage about the mistakes that they made last night.  Both give honest answers about the issues they had and said that if left to continue they will work hard to do better. The first safe couple is Kristi & Mark.  The first couple in the bottom two is Cristian & Cheryl. The kids have their time to shine in the jive and cha cha cha.  The couples are from the 8-10 year old division.  Both couples were amazing; they should give the celebs some tips. The next safe couple is Jason & Edyta.  


Superstar James Blunt performed his new single Carry You Home while the pros perform a beautifully choreographed dance.  Back to the results, the next two couple given at least one more week to dance are Mario & Karina and Marissa & Tony.  Three couple still do not know their fate and the first relieved couple of the group is Shannon & Derek.  The last safe couple is Marlee & Fabian, putting Priscilla& Louis in the bottom two with Cristian & Cheryl. Wow was I dead on with the predictions last night.  Going home this week is Priscilla& Louis.

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