When Gladiators and Models Collide

The models get to business after short spurt of cattiness. The models train as gladiators for a shoot in ancient Roman ruins. The whole time Fatima looked confused and Anya looked like a mannequin. The girls change into their fighting garb only to be facing Ms. J and Jay. Time for a photo challenge that includes battle photos with huge manly gladiators. Whitney and Anya do a great job, Fatima seems scared of the gladiator, Dominique managed to do odd yoga poses, and Katarzyna was just boring. The winner of 1000 Euro and the challenge is Whitney.

The girls ready themselves for their Renaissance inspired photo shoot with photographer… Tyra. Oh goodness, more Tyra talking about Tyra. The girls are super nervous about posing for her. First up is Katarzyna and it turns into Tyra posing, of course, to show her how to do it. Dominique took some good pictures but looked like Cruella Devil. Fatima was graceful and fluid and she really impressed both Tyra and Jay. Whitney was ok but had to play down her curves. Anya shoot was sort of brushed over but she seemed to do a good job.

At panel the judges has nothing bad to say to Anya or Fatima. Dominique’s out fit got destroyed at panel but her shot was praised. Katarzyna was given the same critique as in past weeks; she needs to push and give personality. Whitney was told that she was too posey and gets stuck in the same few poses. After much deliberation the judges bring back the models and the first picture goes to Fatima (Dominique looked furious), second is Dominique, third is Anya. The final two girls standing are Katarzyna who is told that she is coasting and doesn’t stick out and Whitney who is told that she is stunning in person but it doesn’t show in her photos. In the end it is Whitney who surprisingly stays and Katarzyna is sent home.


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Lauren Sent Home from Rome


The contest is down to six girls and after Stacy Ann’s exit last week, the girls better shape up because no one is safe in these last few weeks. The top six arrive in Italy and Anya face planted while stepping off of the bus.  What a great way to start the trip.  The girls move into their new pad in Rome and it has its own pool and garden.  Fatima is sick and the other girls, except Anya who is nice and helpful, down her and say she doesn’t have what it takes. The girls tour Rome on Segways, there was a lot of falling, and get familiar with Italian fashion before their challenge.  They have to meet Guy Mattiolo and impress him with their style and walk.  The winner is Anya but the excitement is short lived because the girls have to film a Covergirl commercial in Italian. Anya was a train wreck, apparently walking and talking at the same time is too much for her.  Dominique and Italian did NOT mix; the director said that it sounded like Chinese.  Lauren froze and looked like a deer in headlights that recently had its leg’s broken.  Katarzyna was good but boring, at least she didn’t ruin an entire language.  Fatima did well and the director called her a goddess.  Whitney was forced and over the top.


Eliminations are going to be long and painful; there will be a lot of negatives for the panel to point out. The judges were very under whelmed by all the takes and said that if Fatima’s was the best then they were in for an interesting night.  They were all laughing at the bad Italian and the overly hoochiness that most of the girls portrayed. After seeing Lauren’s take Ms. J said nothing and wrote “hell to the no.” it was pretty bad. They thought that Katarzyna was the most natural.


Time for eliminations, the first girl given life for next week is Fatima quickly followed by Katarzyna and Anya.  Dominique didn’t impress the judges but did enough to get by.  Whitney and Lauren are the bottom two.  The judges think that Whitney is too phony and Lauren can’t hide her personality and can not act.  In the end Lauren is sent home even though she has taken really great pictures all season long.  So long…

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Stacy Ann Gets No Ticket to Rome



There was no new Top Model episode last week during Idol Gives Back. Instead the network aired a highlight show that was way too full of Dominique, she talks about herself more than anyone that I have ever met, seen, or heard of.  Today’s new episode begins with a bang when huge issues arise after Fatima realizes that she lost her travel documentation.  She is not a US citizen and with only a green card she can not leave without those papers.  If she doesn’t get new documentation when the contestants have to leave the country, then she is out of the competition by default… uh oh. The models spend a day with Paulina learning to about small talk and social graces; you couldn’t pay me enough to take on that job. Lauren manages to slice her finger up while cutting an onion and has to be rushed to the hospital.  The girls are invited to a party given by 7Up and Jay Godfrey who provides dresses and stylists for them.  The girls work the red carpet and attempt to answer interview questions.  Wow how the heck did Dominique forgot the designers name on the carpet and Lauren managed to not only show up with a finger cast but also swore in her interview.  At the party the girls and rub elbows with the rich and famous, some of them did well others crashed and burned.  The winner of the night was Anya, she was sweet and nice but never over thinks things… I’m not sure that she can but she’s very likable. Her prize was a 7up add shoot and $10,000.


Tyra mail arrives and its time to leave the country, or is it.  The models must feel kinda dumb (well more dumb than usual) because they aren’t going anywhere.  They stayed up all night packing and they are posing with a plane and their luggage.  Ha ha.  The girls are all posing together with the plane in a composite shot.  Fatima consulate meeting was at the same time as the shoot and she didn’t get her picture taken.  As the girls leave the runway and go into the hanger they realize that they are walking right into panel. 


Time for an elimination and Fatima isn’t even there yet.  She arrives and is sdfsdf by Tyra.  The six remaining girls will take their luggage and take off to the remote location.  The good shots were Anya, Lauren, Dominique the bad photos belonged to Stacy Ann, and Fatima… sort of, she had nothing to judge. 

The first girl called was Anya followed by Lauren.  The last two standing are Stacy Ann and Fatima.  When all is said and done Fatima still gets to move on because her body of work is stronger than Stacy Ann who hasn’t mastered her angles and is stiff and pose-y.  So Stacy Ann is on her way home to Miami.

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