“If your hips could talk we’d be censored tonight…”


We are halfway their folks; halfway to the crowning of a new celeb dance champ.  We had a few surprises last week with Priscilla plummeting and Marissa rebounding.  This week is sure to be an interesting one as well.  The couples are dancing the sexiest of the Latin dances, the rumba and the samba.


Mario and Karina Smirnoff have lost, and rightfully so, a bit of confidence over the last couple of weeks.  They took on the samba today and gave a spirited performance. Mario seemed to pay a bit more attention to technique this week and it helped in delivering a strong classic samba. The judges said that it was his best dance to so far and was nice clean and to the point. Score 27/30 (wow his best score yet)


Priscilla Presley and Louis Van Amstel have to win back the judges favor after their illegal lift last week.  They were in the bottom two much to the surprise of the viewers. The couple danced a very interesting rumba that involved a split from Priscilla and many isolation moves.  The dance was slow but seemed to be very difficult and strenuous. The judges said the slowness of the dance showed the technical flaws and lacked spontaneity. Score 21/30


Marissa Jaret Winokur and Tony Dovolani have to make last weeks performance a norm for them.  Last week’s paso earned them good marks with the judges and their samba has to do the same. The dance was full of energy and shimmies. The dance was a crowd pleaser and Tony showed off some very non-ballroom-like dancing.  The judges said that she gave her best performance by far and had more shakes than a cocktail bar.  Score 24/30


Cristian de la Fuente and Cheryl Burke have been a pleasant surprise this season.  Cristian started off weak and recently seems to keep improving with every week. The rumba proved a challenge for the couple, Christian didn’t move much throughout the dance and Cheryl did a lot dramatic spinning around him. The judges said that the performance was competent but not fantastic and they expected more. Score 23/30


Marlee Matlin and Fabian Sanchez spent part of their week fitting deaf children with hearing aids and the other part in serious rehearsal.  The communication barrier seems to be getting to them a bit in practices and it did show in the samba a bit.  Marlee lost the timing from time to time, but then again she can’t hear the music. The dance was fun, fast, sexy, and well done. The judges did notice that she lost the timing in small parts but recovered well   Score 22/30


Kristi Yamaguchi and Mark Balias have to be perfect from now on since the pack is encroaching on her lead. Their rumba was truly entertaining and romantic. The couple moved flawlessly across the floor.  The couple seemed to incorporate more turns and harder choreography that the couple before them. The judges said that she caste of the “shackles on inhibition” and they had true chemistry.  Score 29/30 (um can Carrie Ann give up a 10 please)


Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough again had to deal with Derek taking a trip to the hospital.  However, he is over his food poisoning and the dance, samba, must go on. Shannon struggles to learn to shake her hips in rehearsal an that continued into the performance.  The dance was good but she just looked awkward in parts. The judges said that it didn’t have enough hip action and the dance seemed to be too hard for her. Score 23/30


Jason Taylor and Edyta Sliwinska are the couple who seems to have any real chance of taking on Kristi.  Their rumba was slow and sensual.  The couple defiantly has chemistry and, sadly, Jason has far better hip movement than Shannon.  The couple did some very original choreography and some risky moves. The judges thought that hips and lines were good and the chemistry was insane.

Score 27/30


The scores seem to be getting higher and higher and more couples are pulling 8’s. Kristi is still the obvious front runner and I am not sure why she has yet to receive a 30.  She has been perfect more than once, but I guess they don’t want to completely separate her from the rest of the pack yet. Mario showed that he is indeed in it to win it but Priscilla might continue her slide, not yet a fall, from grace. My pick for the bottom two are Priscilla and Cristian (or Marissa, can’t decide).  The Stay tuned for tomorrow’s results.


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Elimination 3: Unicycles Can’t Buy Happiness


Sheryl Crow is this week’s performing guest and she sings while the pros perform to All I Want to Do.  The judges chose Adam and Julianne to relive last night unicycle paso simple for the entertainment value of it all. It was just as odd and amusing the second time around. The first safe couples are Jason & Edyta and Kristi &Mark. It makes sense to get the best out of the way first.


The show has decided to have a youth ballroom competition this season and the contestants will be judged just like the celebs. Both youth couple were adorable thought the band made multiple mistakes on the first song.  The judges were very nice to them and only gave positive feedback. They chose the week’s winner by saying their names instead of scoring them.  Good thing they did it that way or there may have been a couple of crying nine year olds running around the set. The next couple given safety for the week is Marlee & Fabian shortly after Sheryl Crow performed a second number. The next two couples given the okay to dance next week are Cristian & Cheryl and Mario & Karina (I was wrong, I thought that he may be in the bottom again.) The final four couples are left in suspense and the hosts review the judges’ opinions on each of their dances last night. Priscilla& Louis are surprisingly in the bottom two,  Shannon & Derek are safe.  Adam & Julianne are in the bottom two, Marissa & Tony are safe.  Wow I had this all wrong. But at least the right was couple was eliminated: Adam and Julianne.  The show will miss the laughter and antics of Adam and everyone has loved Julianne since last season, hopefully next season she will pull another winner.   

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“You’re 21; I’ve got underpants older than you…” Dance Week 4

The celebrities continue on their quest for the allusive disco ball trophy on this the first Monday in April.  Without Steve Guttenberg around who is going to be positive force to take on the judges; not Adam I hope.  The dances for tonight are the paso doble and the Viennese waltz. Neither are easy dances, so fans should get to see what these contestants are really made of.


Kristi Yamaguchi and Mark Balias try to bring true emotion to their paso doble after being accused of being a bit cold last week. Kristi said that it was time to stop the prim and proper, and she did a good job. The couple made an odd song choice with “How does it Feel” and I’m not sure it fit the dace.  Kristi’s execution was flawless and precise as always, but the music took me out of the performance a bit. The judges said that she was a jezebel and sets the standard on the show. Score 29/30 (wow)


Priscilla Presley and Louis Van Amstel prepare to wow the judges with a Viennese waltz by roller skating to master the floating aspects of the dance. The dance did flow but didn’t appear to be a proper waltz in parts.  It was not exciting performance that the show has come to expect from Priscilla. The judges told her to be careful about her holds, her balance was off, and the couple performed an illegal lift.  Score 22/30


It seemed more than unlikely that Adam Carolla and Julianne Hough will be able to create the “heat needed for the paso doble but they did an interesting job.  Adam entered the floor on a unicycle of all things in a full on Zoro costume. His dancing was still not good but at least they are keeping it interesting. The judges were brutal but laughing at the same time. They said that he just isn’t a dancer and needs analysis. Score 19/30


Marlee Matlin and Fabian Sanchez push to show off their great chemistry in the Viennese waltz. Marlee said the turning was hard for her and she couldn’t help losing her balance, but you could not tell a bit as she and Fabian floated around the floor.  The dance did not seem to have the difficulty of some of the pervious performances but it was smooth and romantic.  The judges said that she needs to work on posture but she made Carrie Ann cry. Score 24/30


Mario and Karina Smirnoff seek to redeem themselves after last week’s debacle.  The paso will his chance to stay alive.  Dancing to Highest Ground (another odd song choice), the couple showed off their quick foot work and fierce poses.  The performance was sure improvement from last week. The judges liked the power and spirit but thought that he only has one style of dance. Score 24/30


Jason Taylor and Edyta Sliwinska usually dance to impress but last week wasn’t their best performance.  It should be hard to large football jock to perform a genteel waltz but he more than pulled it off.  He was light on his feet and appeared to be leading his partner around the floor.  He had a few issues with his footing but he recovered well. The judges thought that the dance was elegant, sexy, and erotic.

Score 29/30


Cristian de la Fuente and Cheryl Burke try to woo the crown with a powerful paso doble, although Cheryl seems to have lost her clothes along the way… The dance was very dramatic and involved lots of powerful yells from Cristian. The dance was good but a bit overly showy at times.  The judges didn’t think that they conquered the music but they gave a fine performance that was emotional.  Score 26/30


Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough had a hard week of preparation after Derek injured his neck in rehearsal. Shannon had to train with Jonathan while Derek coached on the sidelines.  Derek chose to perform and it was, in the end, a good decision. They danced a beautiful Viennese waltz though he had limited neck movement.  They were graceful and elegant.  The judges thought the dance was beautiful, refreshing, organic and the best dace of the night.  Score 28/30



Marissa Jaret Winokur and Tony Dovolani fight for their lives after battling the judges in the past few weeks. Their paso doble was anything but boring.  Marissa put all that she had into the dance. She had the emotion and the facial expressions that made the dance complete. The judges thought that they attacked it and at last the true Marissa came out.  Score 24/30



Kristi and Jason once again show what they are made of, tying with ever so close to perfect 29s.  The rest of the bunch just can’t seem to keep up with these powerhouses.  They are going to have to improve quickly or rely on their fans to keep them around.  Though Mario performed better this week than last, I still believe that he will end up in the bottom two or perhaps Adam will make a much deserved appearance instead.  One of the two of them will have the company of Marissa Jaret Winokur who, though she finally seemed to win over the judges, does not have enough star power to stick around long. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s results.

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DWS Elimination: No More Mr. Nice Guy

Courtesy of IMDB

It was mentioned on the show yesterday that Steve Guttenberg’s partner Anna was sick all week and she sent in her husband, also a Stars pro, Jonathan to take over for her during practices.  The judges decided, in a very unprecedented move, that they wanted see the tango that Steve performed yesterday again today, but they wanted to see him dance with Jonathan like he did in rehearsals. So the show kicked off with a bit of guy on guy tango action; saucy.  The dance was hilarious and both men fell to the floor at the end when attempting a final dip.  Gotta love it. 

On to the eliminations. The first two couple safe are Kristi &Mark and Adam & Julianne.  Wow Adam has stuck around far longer than I would have predicted. Kylie Minogue then performs her newest hit single from her new album “X”. In a shocking turn of events, the next safe couples are Priscilla& Louis and Marissa & Tony.  I was so sure that Marissa would be in the bottom two after being (unfairly) beaten up by the judges last night. 

 After some backstage comedy/fighting compliments of Adam Carolla, the celebs talked about their secrets hobbies: Steve is a freestyle rapper, Cristian raises otters, and Shannon is president of the MacGyver fan club… April fools anyone? Later The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater performed in honor of their 50th anniversary followed by Kylie Minogue singing Can’t get You Out of My Head while Julianne and Mark performed in pure eighties garb. The next safe couples are Jason & Edyta and Marlee & Fabian followed shortly by the safety of Cristian & Cheryl and Shannon & Derek. The remaining couples are Mario & Karina and Steve and Anna. Going home after much ado, and no bottom two given, is Steve Guttenberg and partner Anna Trebunskaya. Steve was such a positive guy and was always full of kid words for everyone.  No more Mr. Nice Guy; we will miss you Steve.

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“Priscilla Presley Starring in the Hot Cougar Tango” Dance week 3

Courtesy of Daily Mail

The stars, minus Penn and Monica, make there way to the floor to perform the tango and the jive.  The judges are always a bit tougher going into the third and fourth dance weeks.  Which stars are going be beaten and broken after today’s critiques?  

 Marlee Matlin and Fabian Sanchez wanted to please the judges with a traditional jive and they didn’t fail to deliver. The dance was fun, full of bounce and energy. She lost her rhythm very briefly but picked it up again after looking at Fabian. The judges noticed her loss of timing as well but they thought that it was still a good dance. Score 21/30 

Steve Guttenberg andAnna Trebunskaya take on the tango though Anna was sick all week during practice.  Steve, though he wasn’t smiling, still had quite an animated face throughout the dace.  His arms were a bit messy and the dance dragged in the middle.  The judges told Steve, wearing armor to guard him from their comments, that it was his best dance yet. P.S. Steve is the happiest person on the planet, I wonder if it’s genuine.   Score 21/30  

Cristian de la Fuente and Cheryl Burkeattempted the jive with serious focus after a scare in the results show last week. The dance was very footloose-esque and a bit cheesy but fun to watch. His footwork was good and the dance was clean. At least it didn’t become dull midway through like the couple before them. The judges said that he was having a good time and he delivered his best dance so far.   Score 25/30

Mario and Karina Smirnoffhad the challenge of learning the tango on a very limited schedule. Dressed in character the couple danced to the Moulin Rouge version of Roxanne. The dance was stiff and awkward. The Judges thought that the dance was a mess and it wasn’t like him.  Score 21/30

Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough danced a lively jive.  Shannon was careful to pay attention to her leg positions. The dance was full of kicks and twists. Shannon was so tired after the high energy dance that she, accompanied by her partner and host Tom Bergeron, sat on the floor during the judging. The judges said that she needed more precision but it was a great dance.  Score 24/30

Adam Carolla and Julianne Hough took on the tango after not really performing a mambo last week.  Adam looked like he worked hard in practice. The dance was okay.  Adam didn’t move around that much and that probably worked in their favor. But his comments about gay guys in wardrobe are going to help his cause.  Radio personalities never know how to keep their mouths shut.  The judges basically said that Julianne’s choreography was like make up and covered Adams issues and made him look like a dancer.  Good for her but he still needs work…Score 21/30

Marissa Jaret Winokur and Tony Dovolani Score were ready for the “flicky and kicky” jive.  Their dance was happy and bouncy like Marissa always is but she did make a few small footwork mistakes.  The judges said that it was careful, boring, and in cruise control.  19/30

Priscilla Presley and Louis Van Amstel were more than ready to deliver a dramatic tango. The dance was smooth, romantic, and precise.  She upped her game from last week. The judges were mesmerized and called her a hot cougar.   Score 26/30

Jason Taylor and Edyta Sliwinska danced a jive that was not as exciting as last weeks mambo but was impressive none the less. Jason does more footwork than any other man on the show.  The judges said that he is a natural ballroom dancer, but Len thought that it wasn’t a jive.  Score 23/30

Kristi Yamaguchi and Mark Balias have a hard act to follow after their dance last week.  This weeks tango did not disappoint. The dance was a true tango with precise positions and poses.  The judges said that she’s a talented dancer but needs more emotion.  Score 27/30

So the night ends with Priscilla and Kristi at the top of the leader board. The judges were a bit harsh on Marissa and Mario. We will see how America votes tomorrow, stay tuned… 

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