Kristi Yamaguchi: Champion from Dance Day One

Picture courtesy of So I’m not going to be so bold as to pronounce her the winner of the latest season of Dancing with the Stars quite yet, but I will say that she is poised to take the competition for three major reasons. 1) She has grace and rhythm because of her former profession. 2) She has a great work ethic after years of competing as a world class athlete. 3) She is very recognizable and liked by the American public.   Skating takes coordination, poise, and posture; so does ballroom dancing.  Kristi has all three and that gives her a definite leg up on the competition.  Being an Olympian takes hour upon hour of practice and hard work and, as Apollo showed us in the past, it really helps in this type of contest; she will totally use this drive to her advantage. Lastly, just about everyone, especially female, over the age of 22 has heard of Kristi Yamaguchi.  She’s not only a gold medalists, she’s a recognizable face because past (and current) skating specials and commercials. She will get many votes that the other women will not simply because more people know who she is. So there you have it; my reasons why Kristi Yamaguchi should be this year’s female favorite. 


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