American Idol

Picture courtesy of Fox Network


A page dedicated to all things American Idol; the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Tuesday night recaps of who sang what, how they did, and what the judges had to say about it.  Wednesday result show updates will be posted with writer’s opinions along with the latest gossip concerning contestants, judges and Seacrest. 

American Idol: 11 Finalists Sing the Beatles

American Idol Results: 11 Become 10

American Idol: 10 Finalist Sing, David Cook’s a Star

American Idol Results: 10 Become 9  

American Idol: 9 Finalist Go “Dollywood”

American Idol Results: 9 Become 8

American Idol: 8 Finalist Get Inspired

Idol Gives Back

American Idol Results: 8 Become 7

American Idol: 7 Finalists Sing Mariah; David Cook is STILL a Star

American Idol Results: 7 Become 6

American Idol: 6 Finalists Take on Andrew Lloyd Webber

American Idol Results: 6 Become 5

American Idol: 5 Finalists Go Diamond

American Idol Results: 5 Become 4


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