Dancing with the Stars

Picture courtesy of ABC Network

This page is dedicated to the ABC reality show Dancing with Stars. The page will be updated with an episode recap and writer’s opinions on Tuesday nights and updated with the name of the eliminated participant and writer’s opinions on Wednesday nights.

Episode 1:  You have a monopoly on all the hot Mario’s! 

Episode 2: You definitely are a sexy minx!

Kristi Yamaguchi: Champion from Dance Day One

Episode 3: Jason & Kristi Mambo King & Queen

Elimination 1: Bye Bye Penn and Monica

Not another Pity Part Please

Episode 4: “Priscilla Presley Starring in the Hot Cougar Tango”

Elimination 2: No More Mr. Nice Guy

Episode 5: “You’re 21; I’ve got underpants older than you”

Elimination 3:Unicycles Can’t Buy Happiness

Episode 6: “If your hips could talke we’d be censored tonight”

Elimination 4: Priscilla on Her Way to Heartbreak Hotel

Episode 7: “If you are in the bottom two, I will show my bum in the super market!”

Elimination 5: No More Marlee

Episode 8: :Two Hip Judges and One Kranky Pants”

Elimination 6: Tears Get Shannon Nowhere


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