When Gladiators and Models Collide

The models get to business after short spurt of cattiness. The models train as gladiators for a shoot in ancient Roman ruins. The whole time Fatima looked confused and Anya looked like a mannequin. The girls change into their fighting garb only to be facing Ms. J and Jay. Time for a photo challenge that includes battle photos with huge manly gladiators. Whitney and Anya do a great job, Fatima seems scared of the gladiator, Dominique managed to do odd yoga poses, and Katarzyna was just boring. The winner of 1000 Euro and the challenge is Whitney.

The girls ready themselves for their Renaissance inspired photo shoot with photographer… Tyra. Oh goodness, more Tyra talking about Tyra. The girls are super nervous about posing for her. First up is Katarzyna and it turns into Tyra posing, of course, to show her how to do it. Dominique took some good pictures but looked like Cruella Devil. Fatima was graceful and fluid and she really impressed both Tyra and Jay. Whitney was ok but had to play down her curves. Anya shoot was sort of brushed over but she seemed to do a good job.

At panel the judges has nothing bad to say to Anya or Fatima. Dominique’s out fit got destroyed at panel but her shot was praised. Katarzyna was given the same critique as in past weeks; she needs to push and give personality. Whitney was told that she was too posey and gets stuck in the same few poses. After much deliberation the judges bring back the models and the first picture goes to Fatima (Dominique looked furious), second is Dominique, third is Anya. The final two girls standing are Katarzyna who is told that she is coasting and doesn’t stick out and Whitney who is told that she is stunning in person but it doesn’t show in her photos. In the end it is Whitney who surprisingly stays and Katarzyna is sent home.


April 30, 2008. Tags: , , , , . America's Next Top Model, Model, reality tv.

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