American Idol: 5 Finalists Go Diamond



Ready for a little Neal Diamond? I hope so because the finalists will each be singing two of the legend’s hits.  After Carly’s surprising departure last week, some of the finalists better thank their lucky stars and bring their best this week. (cough-Brook-cough)


Jason Castro

Song 1: Forever in Blue Jeans

Overview: With his guitar back in his hands, Jason’s first song was him as he likes best.  The song was simple and soulful.  Nothing new but nothing bad – and ending with that spectacular smile of his doesn’t hurt.

Song 2: September Morn

Overview: Another slow song choice for Jason, and not an easy song to sing. He seemed to not be trying by the end of the song and almost didn’t sing the last note. 


        R– Another ok performance

P– Took the same liberty on both songs

S– Don’t recognize you, no attempt to make it your own, forgettable


David Cook

Song 1: I’m Alive

Overview: This is a less famous Diamond song.  David sings the fast anthem with more emotion than he seems to have had in past weeks.  The song sounds professional and he played along on his electric guitar.

Song 2: All I Really Need to You

Overview: Now playing an acoustic guitar, Cook brings back the raspy yet strong vocals that viewers have fallen in love with. The song started slow and quite then built gradually into a sort oh new vue power ballad that showcased his vocal strength.  Another winner for Cook!


R– Blazing, rocked the house

P– Already looking at the American Idol

S– First song ok, second song brilliant


Brook White

Song 1: I’m a believer

Overview: I love this song and it is one of the most famous Diamond written songs but Brook did not do it justice in my opinion.  Her voice sounded shaky and she looked like a deer in headlights standing perfectly still through the entire song. The song was entertaining enough and I’m sure it will win her some votes unfortunately.  

Song 2: I am I Said

Overview: At the piano and lyrics written on her hand brook takes on a tough song. She did a better than fair job with this song.  It was a lot better than her first with more personality and an overall better vocal performance.


R– Nice job

P– Shows vulnerability

S– Hated the first song, second song is the Brook he likes


David Archuleta

Song 1: Sweet Caroline

Overview: David started out with a few uncharacteristically flat notes but he fixed the problem quickly. The song didn’t seem like a good fit for him but he did a good job with it but it was far from his best performance with some rushed moments and faltering notes.

Song 2: America

Overview: This was a predictable song choice here. Over all the song was good, but he had a voice crack and a couple off pitches. He did have a few great moments with a good key change and a strong ending.


R– Another good performance

P– Voice so on point

S– Smart choice of song


Syesha Mercado

Song 1: Hello Again

Overview: Syesha had some of the same problems that David did.  She missed a few of the notes in the verse but she came strong when the pitch of the song goes up.  She also hit a few good high notes after the weak key change that the audience seemed to take a liking to.  Perhaps they will remember the high notes and forget issues.

Song 2: Thank the Lord for the Night Time

Overview: This retro song was a great fit for a shoeless Syesha who still had a few pitch problems but worked the stage and the crowd.  It was a good song choice and she ended the show on a high point.


R– Finally realizing who you are

P– Beautiful voice on the first song, and the second was a true performance

S– A very good actress stroke singer, but may be in trouble tonight


Um perhaps Paula really is on something, she was giving Jason notes on a song that he didn’t sing yet and then said it was hard to write and listen at the same time… not sure what’s going on with that women.  Anyway, Diamond night was less than impressive.  I suppose I should make a lame joke about the value of diamonds plummeting or something but I can’t think of anything.  Tomorrows bottom two will be Jason and Syesha though I think that Brook deserves to be there just as much as the other too.  Stay tuned to see what happens tomorrow.


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