The Final Three in Barbados

Shayne, Amanda, and Chelsea take off with Matt to Barbados for fun in the sun and romance on the beach. Shayne has the first date while on the island and the two walk down the beach, jet ski, water trampoline, and make out in the water.  Shayne says multiple times that she is falling in love with Matt; wonder if that’s the truth. The couple seem to open up to each other over dinner and Shayne admits that she plays up the dumb blonde act at times and later tells Matt that she is falling in love with him.  He returns her sentiments but who knows if he will say the same to the others. Shayne gives up her separate room and opts to stay with Matt over night after a bit of hesitation. 


Amanda gets Matt of day two. These two don’t seem to have the same chemistry as Matt and Shayne. The date includes zip lining, a lot or woo hoo-ing, and then dinner on the beach.  The date seems forced as Amanda attempts to open up and Matt seems a bit receptive. (She also used the word ‘like’ about 312 times and it was like so like annoying). Amanda chooses to stay with Matt in the fantasy suite as well even though she was nervous that he wouldn’t offer.


The final date of the trip is with Chelsea who has been hot and cold with Matt throughout the duration of the show.  Matt thought that the date was awkward and that Chelsea was a million miles away.  She didn’t want to hold hands with Matt and put off his attempts at any closeness.  The two seemed to be on two different dates and spent more time with the sea turtles than with each other.  Matt seemed really upset when they got back into port. Dinner starts out just as bad as Chelsea defends her actions throughout the day.  She says that she is drawing away from him because she doesn’t like the other girls being there and she doesn’t want to get hurt. He offers her the fantasy suite invite. She, somewhat surprisingly, excepts the key and stays the night with Matt.  They finally connect and Chelsea seems to be in to him at last as she sheds her tomboyish-ness and puts on a long black (night?) gown.  She made her intentions more than clear. Not sure how this is all going to turn out.


Rose Ceremony– Matt is not looking forward to breaking someone’s heart but he has no choice.  The girls all look anxious and jittery as Matt picks up the first rose.  The rose goes to Shayne who is emotional upon hearing her name.  The last rose goes to Chelsea. 


Amanda is left without a rose and has to go home.  Amanda and Matt have always seemed a bit superficial around each other but I thought that Chelsea had ruined it for herself but she pulled it out.  Amanda is mad and defensive when Matt tries to talk to her after the decision.  He tells her that everything that he has ever said to her is true but he feels more with the other two girls and she takes it really hard.  It must really suck to get dumped on national television… oh well.


April 28, 2008. Tags: , , . reality tv, The Bachelor, The Bachelor London Calling.

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