“Two Hip Judges and One Cranky Pants” Dance Week 7


Now that we are down to six couples each are required to perform two individual dances; a Latin and a ballroom.  The pressure is mounting and I’m sure someone is going to crumble.  Some of the celebs have struggled with one dance, how are they going to handle in the same short amount of time? I guess we will just have to watch and see.


Marissa Jaret Winokur and Tony Dovolani

Dance 1 The tango was smooth and upbeat. Marissa had very good posture and was clean in all of her movements. The judges said that it was her best dance ever and showed a completely new side of her. Score 27/30

Dance 2– The rumba is one of the sexier Latin dances and Marissa seemed to struggle with the idea. She had little to know hip movement in the dance and they didn’t move much across the floor.  The footwork was stronger than usual and she did move gracefully. The judges thought that the dance was romantic but not sexy enough. Score 25/30


Cristian de la Fuente and Cheryl Burke

Dance 1– The Viennese waltz was not one of Cristian’s best.  It seemed choppy and he looked like he was counting. He seemed to slip back into leading with his heels. The judges said that he used the floor brilliantly but lacked energy and content. Score 25/30

Dance 2– A little bootie shaking in the samba has never hurt anyone. Cristian seemed a lot more comfortable in this dance than he did in the first but he pulled a muscle near the end of the dance and almost fell on top of Cheryl.  He looked like he was in some serious pain as the show hesitated before going to commercial. The judges said that he was brave to try to carry on with the injury and that he is a great performer.  Score 21/30


Kristi Yamaguchi and Mark Balias

Dance 1– The Viennese waltz started off beautifully with Kristi holding an umbrella and Mark in uniform.  The dance has some nice holds and good movement around the floor. The judges thought that the dance was emotional and creative but the start was too long Score 26/30

Dance 2– The only couple performing the cha cha (cha) tonight, Kristi and Mark have an opportunity to impress.  The dance was full of quick turns and fast footwork. Kristi was back to last week’s form with her second dance.  Len didn’t like the “boogaloo hip hop dancing” but Bruno and Carrie Ann loved the change from the ordinary. Score 28/30  


Mario and Karina Smirnoff

Dance 1– The foxtrot was a good comeback dance for Mario.  The couple seemed to have fun with the dance and out in a lot of work.  The judges said that he did a good job but was not graceful or controlled.  Score 24/30

Dance 2– The Mambo was a much better try for Mario than the foxtrot. He had good hip action and no trouble with the quick footwork. The couple had chemistry and lit up the floor. The judges thought it was fiery, wild, and full of passion. Score 27/30


Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough

Dance 1– The tango brought some friction between the cozy couple when Derek decided to be a disciplinarian after last week’s harsh reviews. The couple did a quick and entertaining tango. There were some positioning issues but nothing too big. The judges thought that the dance was fascinating and it was her best dance yet. Score 27/30

Dance 2– The mambo involves a lot of hip movement; something that Shannon has yet to pull off. She tried to shake it but I think that she physically has no hips, making it impossible.  The dance was akward and she looked uncomfortable the whole time.  The choreography had the potential to be interesting but it never quite happened.  The judges thought that her lines were off and it was a bit gangly. Score 24/30



Jason Taylor and Edyta Sliwinska

Dance 1– The quickstep was one of the more entertaining dances of the night.  Jason listened to Carrie Ann and he certainly danced “big” this week.  He had much more emotion this week and finished the dance with a handstand. The judges thought that it was great, energetic, and predicted that he will be in the final. Score 29/30

Dance 2– The paso doble becomes quirky with tonight’s song choice and costuming. The Monday night football song was an odd choice and the Miami Dolphin clothing was just funny. The dance was fun too watch and Jason was quite an intimidating figure. The judges thought that it was a bit too posey but was an unconventional winner. Score 26/30


Tonight was a very exciting night in the competition.  Everyone reallt stepped up and danced well, it will be hard to let one of the couples go tomorrow.  Tomorrow’s results are hard to predict on dance alone.  I think that, with a doubt, Kristi and Jason are safe.  The other four are all at risk even though they all did well.  I think that Marissa and Mario don’t have strong fan bases, Cristian didn’t get to really show what he’s made of, and Shannon may get some backlash from last week’s comments.  All are free game for tomorrow’s the bottom two even without the injury but who knows what the fans will decide.  Tune in tomorrow for the results.


Score Totals

Jason & Edyta – 55/60

Kristi & Mark –54/60

Marissa & Tony – 52/60

Mario & Karina – 51/60

Shannon & Derek – 51/60

Cristian & Cheryl – 46/60



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