Elimination 5: No more Marlee


The judges chose to start the show off by seeing a second performance of last nights confusing and chaotic group dance; it was no better the second time around.  Ashlee Simpson, sporting a tackily large engagement ring, is today’s special guest and sings (at least she didn’t fake it this time) as pros perform in very Timberlake-like outfits; kinda boring really. Time first results; the first safe couple of the night is Shannon & Derek and the first couple in the bottom two is Marlee & Fabian. Well at least Shannon can stop crying, the pity vote always wins big, right Marie?

Oh how the world needs more river dance, it is always cool to watch.  I don’t understand how their upper bodies never move while their feet are going at 100+ miles per hour; that is truly one of life’s great mysteries… sort of. The kids that are competing this week are thirteen and have therefore outgrown their cuteness, so I am not really that interested but they were both really good and the judges had a hard choice to make but I think they made the right one when the chose Brandon and Brittany. 

Time to get down to business; the next safe couples are Marissa & Tony and Cristian & Cheryl.  The final three couple learn their fates one at a time.  Kristi & Mark are safe and so are Jason & Edyta.  The bottom two couple are Mario & Karina Marlee & Fabian.  After a build up it is announced that Marlee and Fabian are going home.  She did a phenomenal job and really worked through all of her challenges with grace and class.  She will be missed.


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