American Idol Results: 10 become 9

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 It seems to me that Idol have should have outgrown the overly cheesy group songs during the results show, but they haven’t.  Those performances are often physically painful to get through.  I think that they really need to find a new way to waste time on the shows, or cut it down to a half an hour. Just some food for thought…   

Anyway, first to the stage was Chikezie who went straight to the stools of death; sad that he has to sit there the entire show. Brook came out next and was asked about her choice to add the band last night, she defended her choice and she was sent to the safety couch. Carly, who has been rumored to be preggers but isn’t, was given safety after some small talk about her trying to make herself appear thinner last night.  David Archuleta, despite the “theme park” performace, is safe for the week.  David Cook was given a quick safety, and he sooo deserves it. Syesha was surprisingly put in the bottom three after a pretty strong performance last night.  Michael and his Queen love headed to the safety couch. During phone call time we learned that Chikezie is single and David Archuleta picked his song because it’s his favorite.  I feel bad that he has to keep defending himself.  The most interesting caller asked Simon what she’d have to do to take Ryan’s job, Simon loved that.  The final caller asked Simon if he thought that he was the most attractive person on the show and why.  He replied “it’s not what I say, it’s what other people say”, ha, gotta love that answer. Before performing, Kimberly Locke gave America and update on her life since finishing third in Idol years ago.  She performed her new single Fall. She looked good and sounded better.   

Back to the eliminations; Ramiele enters the stage after seeing while sick yesterday and was granted safety.  That means that final bottom spot will be filled by either Jason or Kristy. Kristy surprisingly is safe, and somehow Jason ended up in the bottom three. Jason, after being put in the bottom three and saying that he knew that he was going to end up there, is then deemed safe less than fifteen seconds later, and it’s again just Chikezie and Syesha in the bottom two. America has to say adios to Chikezie, I don’t think he deserved to go yet (hmhmm Kristy) but I would have picked Syesha over him as well. 


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Top Model: So Long Aimee…

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Dominique has once again caused an all out screaming match.  She is so obnoxious but thinks that people are teaming up on her because she’s so strong and they need to tear her down. I have no idea where she’s gotten such a huge ego but she does need to be taken down a notch (or three).  Everyone was yelling at her because she starts drama, then she yells nonsensical sentences over other people’s talking until people are too frustrated with her to talk rationally.  It’s a good thing I’m not in that house, or she would be missing a couple of teeth right now. Why do all the girls still scream every time Tyra walks into a room? It’s getting pretty old and it’s always been kinda lame.  Tyra takes all the girls to work on their walks.  She shows them her best (and best I mean bad and borderline drag queen) runway walk only to fake fall in pain.  Lesson number one: posing in pain.  Tyra says pretend your shoulder blades hurt, you have wind burn on your lips, your fingers were slammed in a door, you’ve been playing patty cake all day and your palms hurt … what?  I was so not sure of the point of the exercise, but it was a secret challenge and Anya won a one on one photo shoot; a nude shoot with Nigel Barker.  The main photo shoot of this episode was based on music genres.  The girls each took on one genre; metal, hip hop, grunge, punk, etc.  The shoot was kinda boring but the standouts were Whitney and Katarzyna who portrayed grunge and emo. They were also the first two called for pictures and safety.  The final two standing, shockingly, were Aimee and Claire who previously were always in the top few.  They were both critiqued as being flat.  Claire was given a picture and is still in the running.  Aimee, sadly, was sent packing.

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Dancing with the Stars: Not another Pity Party Please

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 I don’t know why I was naïve enough to think that the pity vote would not exist on Dancing with the Stars this season with the absence of Marie Osmond; but seriously, could I have been any more wrong? Last season Marie put the death of the family member into the spotlight and weeks later fainted in the middle of a live broadcast.  Jane Seymour had personal struggles going on during the season as well, but she had the class to keep them as private as possible instead exploiting them for votes.  Marie far outlived her talent on last years show while riding that pity vote.  It was not fair to the other contestants, but I guess it worked for her because she is now developing a talk show.  The whole situation was ridiculous, obvious, and I was glad when it was over.           

 Sadly, I’m beginning to feel like the media pity circus is setting up its tent on the set of Dancing with the Stars once again.   I could not watch more than 15 minutes of TV today without hearing one of two stories about Dancing contestants.  Mario’s mother is a heroin addict and Priscilla Presley had botched plastic surgery by a now incarcerated scam doctor.  Everyone has family issues and health problems, but they are NOT a reason to vote someone through on reality show based on dancing.  It makes no sense.  Mario’s story is a sad one where he had to become the adult in his family situation and had to save his mother’s life after overdoses, but that has nothing to do with his dancing.  It does suck that Priscilla was tricked into thinking that silicon was “industrial strength botox” but it was years ago, and I applaud her for shrugging of the coverage by saying that it was years ago and she’s moved on.  So why can’t the media move on? Let’s stick to the dancing people; it’s fairer and more fun.

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First Elimination: Bye Bye Penn and Monica

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    First elimination day and it’s a double take.  What man and women will go today? The Jonas brothers performed their remake of the classic 80’s song Take on Me to a screaming studio audience.  The stars of dance also performed an amazing, high flying routine before the tense celebs had to stand up and face the music. The Jonas brothers returned with their latest hit Look Me in the Eyes as Louis and Cheryl performed.  The elimination was drawn out between the various performances.  After much ado Penn Jillette and Monica Seles were sent home.  I felt bad for Monica; you could tell that she was working really hard and really wanted to be there.  She said yesterday that she has two left feet and she was right, but she doesn’t seem to realize that she also has no rhythm whatsoever.  But she seemed like a goof sport and accepted her exit well.  Penn shouldn’t have been the first man to be eliminated, Adam should have been.  Penn added some personality and funniness to the cast and I’m sad to see him go, though his dancing was, as Bruno said last week, very Shrek like.  Oh well, what’s done is done.  Hopefully Adam will be gone next week (although we will miss Julianne if he does).   

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American Idol: 10 Finalists Sing, David Cook’s a Star!

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American idol finalists had to sing a song that was released in the year that they were born.  Paula seemed a bit drugged up; sleepy looking, slow talking, had large pieces of luggage under her eyes, and was wearing gloves and fake crown jewels. What’s up with that? But the singing this week was a step and half up from last week. 


Ramiele Malubay

Song: Hearts Alone

Overview: Born in Saudi Arabia in 1987 Ramiele chose a slow song that, in the beginning, seemed a reach for her.  The low notes were a struggle and she was very flat during the chorus and was out sung by the back up singers.  She was screaming through the chorus but finished nicely enough.

Judges: R– Wrong song choice, to big of a song P– Brave to sing that song sick, big talent S– Not as bad as Randy said, shrieky and shouty  

Jason Castro

Song: Fragile  

Overview: Guitar in hand, David took on a 1987 Sting song. His voice was soft and fit the tone and mood of the song.  It was a subdued performance but I liked it, it was a good choice of song for him. But he needs to switch up next week; add some excitement.

Judges: R– It was nice P– Stayed true to who he was, but played it safe  S– Two bad weeks and need to take this more seriously  

Syesha Mercado

Song: If I Were Your Woman  

Overview: Another one born in 1987, Syesha sang a song that was recently remade by Alicia Keys and I think that her rendition sounded too close to the remake.  She sang it well, though, and her voice was strong and full of personality throughout. 

Judges: R– Best I’ve ever heard you sing, stellar  P– This will be the moment that everyone remembers, brilliant S– The end wasn’t as good as Randy thought, stretched her limit 


Song: If Only for One Night

Overview: Chikezie goes back to the balled with the 1985 If Only for One Night.  He performed in a classic R&B style, hitting the high notes well and throwing in a couple of extra runs.  The performance was good but not all that memorable, but you could tell that he was more comfortable in this performance than in the last few.

Judges R– Old school feeling, didn’t love it  P – Classic and true S – Sang it well, butt cheesy  

 Brook White

Song: Every Breath You Take

Overview: The song choice from 1983 was The Police hit started off rocky with a missed pitch on the opening chord.  Brook took a risk by singing to her own piano accompaniment. She has a good voice and I usually love this song, but the performance was a bit boring; she didn’t add anything new to the song.  She could have personalized it a bit more.

Judges: R– Good she corrected her mistake, did not like the arrangement P – Better than last week  S– Would have been better with just Piano  

Michael Johns

Song: We will Rock You/ We are the Champions 

Overview: A 1979 Queen medley turned rather power rock cheese.  His voice was good but the lighting and percussion was overly dramatic. He did a good job but the staging messed it up for me.  But he did rock the song.

Judges: R – Finally used big voice, his best performance P– This was your right song and shining momentS – First time sing star potential, got it right 

 Carly Smithson

Song: Total Eclipse of the Heart

Overview: Because she was named after Carly Simon in 1983 it was only fitting that she sing a Carly song, but she didn’t. She went with a rock classic by Bonnie Tyler.  I think that she did a great job with a song that is in no way is easy to sing.

Judges: R– Didn’t love it, not the right song  P– Could do no wrong  S– Something didn’t quite work, sang well but tense  

David Archuleta

Song: You’re the Voice (1990)

Overview: I’m not sure that this was the best song for him, but he sang it well.  He’s so young and I think that alone will get him votes. He also ended the song on a good note and that got the audience excited. It wasn’t his best performance but it will be good enough to keep him around. 

Judges:  R– Didn’t know the song but it as ok  P– Could sing the phone book and we’d fall in love with you S– Didn’t like the performance at all, reminiscent of a theme park performance.  

Kristy Lee Cook

Song: God Bless the USA

Overview: It is vertically impossible to sing this song without sounding cheesy or pure Karaoke, but no matter what, Americans love it.  So she was smart in picking a fool proof song.  She was sharp in many places and flat in others.  She tried to cover it with a country twinge but I didn’t think that it worked well. Way better than last week though.

JudgesR– Pitchy in spots, but a good performance P– Voice sounding stronger, but there were pitch problems S– Best performance by a mile, clever choice                            

David Cook

Song: Billie Jean

Overview: I really like David Cook, but I was not so sure about a rock version of an eighties (1982) Michael Jackson Classic at the start. But he totally changed my mind.  He definitely put his own touch on this one.  His voice was incredible and strong and I would not have recognized the song if I didn’t have the lyrics memorized.  He is SUCH a star.  Totally and without a doubt the BEST I’ve heard on Idol in a long, long time.

JudgesR– Hot P– Smart, brave, and willing to stretch the boundaries, brilliant  S– Brave and Amazing

Check in tomorrow for results and recap of Kimberly Locke’s triumphant return to idol.

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